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i2Dtx CardioSleeve is the first FDA cleared stethoscope add-on device for clinicians to acquire 3-Lead ECG and Digital Heart Sound at any point of care.

CardioSleeve enhances the traditional stethoscope by recording, displaying and analyzing the heart's ECG and acoustical footprints, synchronized, in real time via any wirelessly connected portable device.  Click here to receive updates:

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Visualize Heart Murmur

The CardioSleeve stethoscope attachment enhances a stethoscope by providing synchronized Digital Auscultation with ECG; allowing for visualized heart sound and Murmur Detection.

Analyze Heart Rhythm

The CardioSleeve stethoscope attachment records  High-Fidelity 3- Lead ECG tracings with a digital caliper to be viewed and analyzed on a connected device.

Identify Heart Failure

CardioSleeve's advanced cutting-edge technology detects heart failure at any point of care.






CardioSleeve attaches to any stethoscope to provide:
  • 3- Lead ECG
  • Murmur Detection
  • Cardiac Function
  • Synchronized Heart Sound with ECG
  • Mobile, tablet, laptop wireless  connectivity
  • HIPAA Secure Cloud EMR Archival

CardioSleeve is FDA cleared and will soon be commercially available in the United States.

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Digital Auscultation with ECG



3-Lead ECG


Cardiac Function


Cloud EMR




CardioSleeve attaches to just about any stethoscope and turbocharges it with ECG capabilities. It allows simultaneous auscultation along with a high fidelity 3-lead ECG recording.

Both the audio and electrical footprints of the heart are recorded and transmitted to connected devices via Bluetooth for real-time or historical analysis. CardioSleeve dry-contact sensors reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions since the use of contact sprays or gels or adhesive electrodes is completely eliminated.

The included digital caliper measurements help assess cardiac rhythm irregularities, conduction system abnormalities, myocardial ischemia, drug induced alterations, metabolic disturbances, sport screening and risk assessment for sudden cardiac death.

Medical professionals, emergency medical services, ambulances, offices, clinics, airlines, cruise lines, or rescue teams will undoubtedly find CardioSleeveutility a life saver in any clinical scenario.
  - 3-Lead ECG
- Dry-contact
- Non-allergenic
- High-fidelity
  - Digital Caliper
- Bluetooth
- Paperless



After adjusting for other risk factors, the risk of sudden cardiac death is more than 3-fold higher in individuals with abnormal QTc compared with the normal. Prolonged QTc intervals may cause triggering of life-threatening arrhythmias including: Torsades de pointes and Ventricular fibrillation. CardioSleeve ECG digital caliper instantly calculates QTc and alerts the physician about the risk.




The CardioSleeve accessory comes loaded with features of tremendous diagnostic and therapeutic value.

Once attached, a stethoscope is magically transformed to a level beyond auscultation. The CardioSleeve makeover imparts an ‘eye’ for the ‘blind’ and ‘intelligence’for the ‘mind’ of the two-hundred year old instrument.

The ‘eye’uncovers the unseen to seen and the’i’ makes the unintelligent tool intelligent. Simple auscultation is converted into a highly sophisticated procedure without losing the intimate connection of the physician to the patient and transferring that all-important clinical power known as the laying on of the hands.

Weighing merely over an ounce, the incredibly small CardioSleeve helps visualize heart murmur, analyze heart rhythm and identify heart failure. It empowers a physician to save lives, improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs at any point of care. It beats imagination and makes inaccessible technology accessible to impact the entire humanity across the planet.

No wonder, it is a small wonder in the palm of a physician!

- Raj Kapoor, MD, FCCP




- Only 1.7oz.
- Attachment to any standard stethoscope
- Maintained stethoscope functionality
- HIPAA Secure Wireless Connection
- Digital  Auscultation Acquisition with Noise Filtering
- Heart Sound Visualizer
- High Fidelity 3 Lead ECG Tracings
- Dry Electrode Sensors
- Cardiac Function Decision Support
- Smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC compatible
- Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
- Bluetooth Connectivity
- Cloud based Analysis and EMR




It's about time.

The estimated sensitivity of detecting Atrial Fibrillation during routine primary care visit is 64%. This low result probably reflects the pulse not being checked routinely or carefully. An ECG exam with CardioSleeve is invaluable in detecting silent or symptomatic Atrial Fibrillation with 99% sensitivity at any point of care.







With CardioSleeve, clinicians can hear, view, record and analyze tracings at any point of care.  High definition Heart sounds synchronized with ECG trackings can be recorded at all four locations.  3-Lead ECG tracings can also be acquired.

CardioSleeve’s synchronized analysis of ECG and heart sound allows for simple, quick and accurate diagnosis support for murmur detection and other heart pathologies. CardioSleeve also provides cardiac assessment tools such as zoom, caliper and heart sound and tracing playback.  Analysis functions include Cardiac Function and Cardiac Index.





CardioSleeve records ECG at Leads I, II and III and displays high fidelity tracings on any connected device.  Heart Rate and a digital caliper for decision support are also provided.

ECG tracings are viewed for real-time analysis, and can be recorded and stored in the Cloud EMR for each session.

CardioSleeve contains dry-electrode sensors, so there is no need for gels or additional sticky electrodes when performing an ECG.  This technological advancement allows any clinician to have 3-Lead ECG functionality as a simple attachment to their stethoscope- at any point of care.






CardioSleeve acquires and displays digitized heart sound synchronized with ECG at the Pulmonary, Tricuspid, Aortic and Mitral locations. Tracings can be viewed, recorded, re-recorded and stored in the cloud EMR to be transfered, later analyzed and appended. Cardiac sounds and electrical signals are analyzed in real time for identification and classification including S1, S2 and suspected murmurs.

Click here to learn more about CardioSleeve Murmur Detection.








Cardiac Function incorporates Systolic Performance Index (SPI) Analysis.


SPI is a simplified Myocardial Performance index (MPI) or (Tei index).


Mycardial performance Index (MPI) has been regarded as an important parameter in the evaluation of ventricular systolic function in congestive heart failure.  The myocardial performance index (MPI) or (Tei index), which predicts systolic and diastolic function, is defined as the sum of isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT) and isovolumic contraction time (IVCT) divided by left ventricular ejection time (LVET) (MPI=[IVRT+IVCT]/LVET).

The MPI formula was simplified by omitting IVRT (IVCT/LVET), to define Systolic Performance Index (SPI). The SPI ratio was found to be inversely correlated with left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) and positively correlated with MPI. The sensitivity and specificity of an SPI value ≤0.66 to predict an LVEF value ≥55% were found to be 100% and 90.9%, respectively. In terms of SPI, this ratio was found to be >0.66, even exceeding 1 in severe CHF (LVEF ≤20%) .





A wireless cloud connection provides clinicians with real time tracing  presentations and analysis on a paired mobile device (smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop) without the risks of native storage on either device.  Secure access to CardioSleeve analysis is also provided via CardioSleeve Online.

Patient lists and daily schedules can be uploaded for quick patient selection.

Cloud Based EMR- All patient recorded results, including audio sounds, visual tracings, caliper measurements, trend analysis and cardiac function/index are stored in the HIPAA compliant cloud for charting, review, archival and transfer by the clinician at any time.




Patient care is expanding from traditional clinical facilities to new points of care, creating an increasing need for diagnostic tools that can reach beyond the clinical facility.  Telemedicine has spread rapidly and is now becoming integrated into the ongoing operations of hospitals, specialty departments, home health agencies, private physician offices as well as consumer’s homes and workplaces.  As remote monitoring, diagnosis and treatment is becoming more mainstream, CardioSleeve is the perfect tool to equipping clinicians at any point of care.





CardioSleeve analysis and Cloud EMR structure maintains the continuum of care between all clinicians, nurse staff and technicians within and beyond the hospital facility.




CardioSleeve has great utility in physician's practices that do not posses a 3-Lead, 12-Lead ECG or Echocardiogram. CardioSleeve enables early diagnosis at the primary care setting, and coordination with specialty, and hospital, insurance and patient.




CardioSleeve is a frugal technology solution that democratizes facility grade technology and makes it available to all of humanity, worldwide.




CardioSleeve's mobile structure connects and transmits, allowing for telemedicine exchange and remote monitoring of patients.


Emergency Medicine


CardioSleeve is an ideal tool for the practice of emergency medicine—it is non-invasive, inexpensive, easy to use, and it yields a wealth of information. Emergency clinicians and physicians use CardioSleeve to interpret ECG and heart sound for murmur and other heart conditions that may be fatal including the assessment of the patients with chest pain, dyspnea, or even shock.


First Responder/ Rescue


First Responders including fire, police and emergency medical personnel will benefit from CardioSleeve's rapid deployment and diagnostic capabilities.




Since 1996, the American Heart Association advocates universal cardiovascular pre-participation screening for high school and college athletes in an attempt to identify those at increased risk of cardiovascular events.2 CardioSleeve assists in detecting cardiovascular abnormalities at a fraction of the cost.




Emergency medical kits for airlines are ill-equiped to detect cardiac issues during flight.  CardioSleeve's compact, powerful diagnostic portability is ideal for travel situations.




Corporations are providing better care for employees by utilizing work site health clinics.  CardioSleeve equips medical staff with point of care cardiovascular assessment.




The CardioSleeve System consisting of the CardioSleeve Front-End stethoscope with integrated ECG device, mobile heart sound and ECG recording application and the remote diagnostic heart murmur software is a decision support device intended to be used on a single patient to assist the qualified clinician in analyzing cardiac sounds and electrical signals for the identification and classification including of suspected murmurs. It is used to distinguish between normal/physiological and pathological heart murmurs by recording the acoustic signal of the heart and the ECG signal simultaneously and analyzing these signals. The acoustic heart signal is analyzed to identify specific heart sounds that may be present. Identified sounds include S1, S2, and suspected murmurs.

CardioSleeve indicates whether or not a recorded heart sound contains a suspected heart murmur. The device must be used in a clinical setting by trained personnel with the prescribed accessories and all relevant patient information must be taken into consideration before a diagnosis is made.

The interpretations of heart sounds offered by the CardioSleeve device are only significant when used in conjunction with physician over-read as well as consideration of all other relevant patient data.

CardioSleeve is not intended to be a diagnostic device. It does not supersede the judgment of the clinician. The device is intended to aid the physician in the evaluation of heart sounds. The clinicians are responsible for reviewing and interpreting the results, along with the auscultatory findings and medical history, when making a referral decision.

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a clinician.